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M - O P U S

W   E   L   C   O   M   E       T   O       O   U   R       W   E   B   S   I   T   E

I R I S H   P R O G R E S S I V E   R O C K   B A N D

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"At The Mercy Of Manannán" - The New Album
Coming Soon 2023

Buy M-Opus Origins

M-Opus - ORIGINS - Out Now

"There are as many hooks and catchy melodies on this one album, as the top 40 album chart of any week in 1978."
DPRP 9.5/10

"It’s a long time since I last sat listening to an album intently reading every word on the lyric sheet as the songs - a double album no less - played from the speakers. In the case of Origins by M-Opus, the reasons for such undivided attention are numerous.
Origins is quite breathtaking and the more I listen to it the more remarkable it becomes."
Sea Of Tranquility 5/5

"M-opus is at the top of their game here... An avalanche of creativity... a pinnacle achievement, an album to be savoured."
Rocking Charts

"The songs are organised so intricately that all the nuances and difficulties that might have gone into recording such an extraordinary album are totally lost in its beauty.
Origins acts as a fantastic example of how to take inspiration from all the sub-standard facets of day-to-day goings on, to create a stunning collection of songs.... Simply unforgettable."

"Elegant and emotional...sublime in its execution"

Uber Rock

"Brilliantly constructed"

"Their last album was in my top ten of the year.... and the music is magnificent again."

Proggen ****

"Unlike many things I've heard in the past, the actors deliver their lines realistically, not sounding like amateurs reading from a script. The result is a story-line that isn't stilted - the dialogue flows with the music. Highly recommended."

Lasers Edge


Check out M-Opus' previous album...

1975 Triptych


Buy "1975 Triptych" at these stores:






Download the free DIGITAL BOOKLET PDF for '1975 Triptych'

Praise for '1975 Triptych'


It Djents  10/10

The chords and rhythmic designs are genius, simultaneously modern and nostalgic... a truly refreshing experience.


Jazz Square

Brilliantly recreates the flavour of that glorious era.


Profile Progressive Radio

**** 4 Stars



Captures everything that makes prog rock great. Like a gift from a parallel universe where this would've been a band in that period in time.


DPRP Dutch Progressive Rock Page

Anyone hankering after a modern take on 1975s prog, but without it being a clone or rehash of that era should pick up this recording. Anyone who wants epic prog-rock should also get this album.


Prog Talk

Delicious soundscapes, beautiful music.


Prog Sphere

A wonder-working prog release that reconciles the past and the present.


Danger Dog



Prog Planet

Sheer brilliance. What an album... what a band! You need this album!


Prog Archives 

This is really something special. ****

Highly recommended to fans of symphonic prog.


M-Opus are a "Recommended Artist" on Progressive Rock BR Brazil











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